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Our vast collection of high end microphones provide each artist with the advantage of capturing the purest, clearest, most honest performance! View the entire list of our microphones on our equipment page. 


Our engineers are not only experts on which microphone to utilize for every type of recording, but also knowledgable on setting up the correct microphone placement for every scenario. The importance of microphone placement can make or break a recording. Because we have it down to an exact science, achieving a clean professional sound is a guarentee. 

the quality of scientifically accurate acoustics

Never underestimate the importance of sound quality and acoustics in a recording studio. All of our control rooms & live rooms were scientifically designed and meticulously built to control sound reflections WITHIN the room to capture the most accurate performance and provide a pure recording. With authentic sounds from the get-go, the engineer can better connect with the music in order provide the highest quality recording for every artist.


We provide the highest quality audio engineers to record, edit and mix real time audio in all 4 of our studios. Each one works closely with their clients capture their best sound.

Ideal Recording Set-Up
With a compendium of studio techniques, various micing tactics and other current recording methods, our engineers utilize Clear Track's industry standard equipment to capture the highest quality audio for each session.


Guidance Through Each Take
Providing unrivaled dedication and insightful attention, our brilliant engineers offer their wisdom and assistance for every artist they work with to ensure a successful recording.

Professional Experience
From the recording to editing, we pride ourselves in professionalism and consistency in a creative atmosphere that was developed to bring the best out of every artist.