Our Pre-Production Writing Studio

Meeting the demand for pre and post-production, our compact Studio C is where concepts are developed and songwriting takes place. Loaded with the latest and greatest virtual instruments, you can join forces with one of our engineers to conceptualize songs and create music before heading in to record. Studio C is definitely the perfect place to create any type modern production you may desire. 

Equipment & SOFTWARE List


• Dynaudio BM 15 Speakers
• Mac Tower
• Avid HD I/O Omni
• Universal Audio - UAD-2 Octo PCI-e
• Triton Extreme Keyboard


• Pro Tools Ultimate
• Ableton Live 10
• Waves - Mercury + SSL
• Logic Pro X
• Fab Filter (all)
• Native Instruments - Komplete Ultimate
• Sonoris - Mastering Equalizer
• Valhalla DSP - Vintage Verb
• Many Virtual Instruments (too many to list)