Spencer Gill is the savviest, most proficient guitarist that anyone and everyone would want playing on their record. He is the guitarist for Tides of Man, a post-rock band based in Clearwater Florida, and a highly sought after session guitarist for many of Spencer Bradham’s clients. Spencer’s confident grooves, sonic soundscapes, and intricate finger picking are touches that guarantee a home run every time for every client and fan. 

Growing up in North Carolina, Spencer was mostly influenced by blues and classic rock sounds. Over time, he transmuted the music of his youth into instrumental post-rock with glistening harmonized leads, ambient reverberations and melodic arpeggiated breakdowns. Spencer’s uncanny knack for both creating and shrinking spaces would eventually become the blueprint for later luminaries like “Young & Courageous," which he created with Tides of Man. The gradual but powerful dynamics with which he peppers their already impressive catalog hints at Spencer Gill’s comfortable finesse, but his true genius lies in the way he treats the guitar as an animated sound source rather than a static instrument. In his hands, and within a complex compositional framework, the guitar sounds limitless, capable of screaming, sighing, soaring, and crying — as if Hendrix were sitting in with a post-rock band. 

Outside of Tides, Spencer’s versatility and musical mastery as a session guitarist impress all who walk through the studio doors. His fluid proficiency behind the fret board demonstrates his ability to play any guitar part with accuracy and ease no matter the style. Whether playing scabrous grindcore or juxtaposing smooth blues solos or coming up with logically precise pop riffage, Spencer can do it all and do it flawlessly. Combining a blend of crafty dynamics, a laid-back adaptability, knowledge of every style and 15 years of experience, Spencer approaches each project with great care in order to provide a superior sound based off of exactly what the clients wants.