Spencer Bradham is the quintessential, multi-faceted musical connoisseur that has been powerfully and successfully creating and producing music for almost two decades. As an in-demand producer, engineer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and composer at Clear Track, Spencer is emerging as one of the most significant producers of his generation. His abilities behind the boards, the piano and protools make him a valuable entity for any up-and-coming artist. 

Born in California, Spencer was instantly drawn to the piano at age 8 and found himself composing and producing a multitude of rock songs by his early teens. Spencer quickly found he had a talent creating catchy melodies and sentimental lyrics instantaneously. Inspired by the progressive rock music of Coldplay, Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie, Spencer wrote and performed a similar sound with bands he played with. Years later, Spencer transitioned into the world of producing at Black Pedal Studio in Los Angeles. It was there that Spencer learned the overall flow of the studio environment while working with bands and solo artists. In 2008, Spencer moved to Clearwater Florida where he found himself in a greater project: creating a million dollar studio with one of his neighbors and soon-to-be best friends, Mike Johnson. A year and a half later, Clear Track Studios was born and Spencer’s musical abilities had a place to flourish and prosper.

With a knack for trend-spotting an innate ear for aesthetic perfection, Spencer creates music with artists of all levels in an atmosphere that makes them feel instantly at home. His easy going demeanor, keen perception in understanding his clients' vision and his ability to swiftly and brilliantly create it is the exact formula Spencer uses to keep his artists thriving and supplied with song. Drawing from his complex musicality and diverse background, Spencer creates meticulously detailed and carefully produced tracks that are a combination of the artists’ vision and the future trends of their genre in the music industry. Whether he is building a feel-good pop track with levitating synths and a hooky vocal line, or animating swooping arcs of rock guitar and ambient atmospheric beats, or laying down a staircase of delicate piano motifs clawing through prismatic feedback, or harnessing screaming harmonics and snarling power chords, Spencer producesengineers, and writes it all with a casual mastery; a testament to his prolificness as a true ace of songcraft.

Beyond nurturing talents and unlocking sounds, Spencer consistently researches music sales, radio, social-media impact and the ever expanding number of charts purporting to measure a song’s popularity. Whether it's the Hot 100 or YouTube streams, Spencer finds great importance in staying up-to-date in order to write and produce fresh, current sounds. His unrivaled musical ability, impressive industry smarts, good-natured vigilance, efficient workflow and 17 years of experience makes Spencer an in-demand symphonic powerhouse that is sure change the future of music.