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Many courses are spent inside classrooms or pseudo studio mock-ups that students are allowed to practice on infrequently. In our program, students are immersed into a learning environment that is a busy, in-use recording facility with 4 different studios utilized by engineers and artists every day. 


All of our instructors are currently working as engineers and producers in the music industry throughout the world! Not only do they have an educational background in their specific field, but each has an extensive resume showcasing their work from when they started into the present. 


In comparable engineering and production programs offered at colleges and universities, students are spending upwards of $70,000-$100,000 on tuition, books, fees, living expenses and even pre-requisite classes! Also, in these programs it can often take quite a while before the students can get to the MEAT of the curriculum where they'll start to learn exactly what they signed up for. At Clear Track Studios, each course is a flat fee of only $3000 and each program is set-up so that you read the materials, learn theory in lectures, see how it's done and then do it yourself alongside our industry professionals in our busy world-class studios!


Einstein once said, "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not." And he is right! Our 10-week programs, students go beyond theory as each class is designed for those who want to learn hands-on with the support of professionals who create, shape and record sounds every day. 

In our Audio Engineering courses, Students go beyond the fundamental principles of audio engineering and understand the practical application of EQs, dynamics, signal routing, microphones, and more so that students are well-equipped with the skills to operate in a professional audio environment. 

In our Music Production course, Students go beyond of the traditional education in music theory and explore the nuances of systematic lyrical writing, formulaic melodic composing and sequential beat programing so our students can be songwriters and composers for music that is trendy and popular today!


When it comes to working as an audio engineer or a music producer, the most important aspect is one's ABILITY to actually produce something of high quality. Often times, the larger institutions fail to ensure that each and every student that comes out of their program is fully equipped with skill sets to DO the job with competence and perfection.

After our 10-week programs, you will not only have all of the best information from industry professionals, but you will also have the time spent appropriately and effectively doing so under your belt. With that ability, your finished products will speak volumes making you the next in-demand audio engineer OR music producer in the music industry!


Imagine the stereotypical bare classroom that only has four walls and a overhead screen. The teacher gives a lecture and shows slides of what he is teaching you and you leave class with a beautiful set of notes but failed to understand much of the lesson at all. Do you know why this is? You weren't able to DO what you were just taught. 


Our 10-week programs offer an intimate class size with hands-on training in the heart of real world-class studios where our dedicated industry professionals emphasize hands-on learning FROM DAY 1! For only $3000*, you will learn all of the same information and have EVEN MORE practical application and experience than most major colleges. 


Imagine sitting in a gigantic stadium style classroom surrounded by 200+ students where you squint to see the far off powerpoint slides and ferociously scramble to take notes from the professors lecture.

Now imagine being inside a real recording studio for a classroom where you are taught one-on-one by working professionals, you can utilize all of the software and equipment and you know all of your classmates on a first name basis. 

Big class sizes for technical learning  does not work. 

In our 10-week The Art of Sound Recording Audio Engineer training, you are the big fish in a small pond where our intimate class size allows for greater interactions with our dedicated industry professionals, more hands-on opportunities and and a life changing education that will send your career into orbit!


We have seen countless students spend $70,000+ on a collegiate education unsure of exactly what they want to DO as a career. Afterwards, they are often left in debt in an attempt to "try something out." Discovering your future career in a trial-and-error education isn't a particularly bad thing. But going into debt when you're not 100% positive of what you want to do, is. At Clear Track Studios, you can spend less money on a very specific, hands-on training that gives you the opportunity to learn and experience what it is like to be an audio engineer or a music producer without breaking the bank. 


For only $3000* in our 10-week programs have you working side-by-side with our dedicated industry professionals to learn how to shape sounds and record hits on our state-of-the-art equipment in our world-class studios. You can become an audio engineer or a music producer with an economical confidence by finding your niche faster and saving a fortune along the way!