Lane Johnson is a highly accomplished and innovative producer & engineer who has been vigorously and mightily producing, recording, mixing and mastering music for two decades. Lane’s high standard of service and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the music industry make him incredibly popular in the world of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop throughout the music industry and right here at Clear Track Studios.

Direct from Atlanta GA, Lane brings with him an eclectic background and years of experience in music production. With his childhood immersed in music, Lane started out as a drummer at age 5 and then began singing and playing in all kinds of pop rock bands in his hometown. At the ripe age of 15, Lane brought his band to a recording studio where he met a producer, Matt Goldman (known for his work with Underoath, Copeland, Cartel, Anberlin) who stayed in contact with Lane throughout his high school years. Towards the end of high school, Goldman invited Lane to be his intern at Glow in the Dark Studios until 2006. In the subsequent 4 years, Lane developed his skills as a full time audio engineer alongside Matt Malpass at Merry Golds and Monsters Studios where a majority of his discography was developed engineering, working as a drum tech and even playing drums for numerous records of Rookie of the Year, Tilian, Manchester Orchestra, and much more. Just like any blazing frontrunner in the music industry, Lane explored his opportunities throughout Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta and now Tampa Bay where he has made quite a name for himself as both "fast and accurate" at numerous professional, private and public recording facilities. Evolving into one of the most highly sought after audio engineers & music producers in the Southeast, Lane found his home at Clear Track Studios where he continues to invent clever new ways to enhance an artists' sound while exceeding the very framework of which music was built.

With an aptitude for eclectic, trendy sounds, Lane infuses his his complex musicality and diverse background into every song he produces & engineers. Lane’s productions are known to showcase his signature synthesized motifs and undeniable Rihanna riffs on top of twinkling club arpeggios that emphasize climaxes beyond the realms of otherworldly crowd pleasers. With every turn of the knob and rise of the faders, it is also easy to observe that Lane's way of engineering is a true art form. Notorious for his distinguishable Atlanta influence with his hooky bridges and punctuated crisp mixes, he has been known to take any simple song and sculpt it into a sonically enormous masterpiece. Having worked alongside brilliant artists such as Mia Martina, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, WLPWR (Eminem’s producer), B5, DNNY, Bohdi Rose, Blue Hamilton (Justin Beiber’s producer) and many more, all are floored by his astounding final productions interlaced with thundering 808s, corrosive synths and machine-gun beats that can be heard for miles. Whether creating songs of comic wit and club debauchery or staccato-beat dances and futuristic-pop soundscapes, you will find Lane instinctively enhancing the cadence and flows to make an already striking jam even more piercing.

Beyond crafting dubby, indelible hooks and developing his artists beyond the microphone, Lane is a resourceful music entrepreneur who regularly expands his influence in music industry by consistently researching music sales, radio spots, social-media impact and the ever expanding number of charts purporting to measure a song’s popularity. Lane also finds great importance in developing worthwhile relationships with likeminded producers and up-and-coming artists. With his blend of ambitious engineering techniques, boundary-pushing methods and 17 years of experience, Lane is an inventively fresh virtuoso who is paving the way for a new sound and movement in the music industry.