Daniel Miller is the keenest, most streamlined guitarist that anyone would want coaxing emotion from steel and wood. He is one of the guitarists for Tides of Man, a post-rock band based in Clearwater Florida, and a very popular session guitarist here at Clear Track. Dan’s crisply snapping chords, lush arpeggios, and indelible riffs are just the effects that guarantee an emotional impact for every listener.

Born and raised here in Florida, Dan's musical influence varied from the teenage angst anthems of Nirvana to the indie folk sounds of Bon Iver. Absorbing all styles and genres of his choosing, his influences can be beautifully heard in his instrumental post-rock of swarming melodies, spangled riffs, and his seemingly push-and-tease of merging rhythm and lead. Dan’s omniscient flair for transforming recognizable leads into stunning indie arrangements would eventually manifest into later albums like “Young & Courageous," which he developed with Tides of Man. As much a melodic sculptor as a guitarist, Dan’s work in this post-rock brilliance was an effervescent, hopeful display of guitartistry which propels songs to form and dissolve without notice, turn inside out and back again in smooth, uplifting movements. Minimal in his attack and classical in his dramatics, Dan's electric guitar communicates in every which way stirring all crowds lucky enough to be a part of his performance.

Outside of Tides, Dan’s versatility and musical mastery as a session guitarist impress all who work with him. His unwavering dexterity and extensive knowledge of numerous genres allows for endless creativity for any client. Whether playing chest-caving bulldozer rock riffs or developing twinkling emocore melodies or coming up with hook-filled country twang, Dan can do it all and with great precision. Joining together a brew of artful dynamics, tight rhythmic playing, and 14 years of experience, Dan goes to great lengths to provide the best sound for each client he works with.