Victor Abreu is one of our most determined, crafty engineers that any client would enjoy working with to develop their sound. Victor's optimistic personality and high-spirited dedication creates a creatively open atmosphere allowing him to bring out the best of any artist recording with him.  

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Victor found any which way to listen, study and engross himself in all kinds of music. Captivated by all eras - from the Doors albums of the 60s all the way to Black Sheep's first album in the 90s - Victor began creating"mixed cds" with a calculated musical layout showcasing how he would want his own personal album to flow. Throughout his teen years, Victor dabbled in the world of sampling and started to developed his own ambient songwriting style with smooth synths, vibey guitar pedals, aerated reverbs and delays. Alongside his friends, he experimented in recording his sounds and learned about side chaining and mixing in the process. Naturally, the recording arts peeked his interest and decided to attend Sanford Brown to study the world of Audio Engineering. Excelling in his studies and impressing all who worked with him, Victor finished out the school year as an intern at Clear Track Studios and swiftly became an Assistant Engineer working with diverse clients in various sessions.

With his engaging determination and musical wisdom in the production world of recording, Victor entices the best out of all artists who work with him. Specializing in Hip Hop, Pop and Indie genres, his innate ear and confident musical intuition have magnified his performance and enhanced all of his sessions. Whether he is sculpting dripping ambient compositions, recording effulgent synth bubbly pop or shaping sci-fi soundscapes and smart-aleck rhymes, Victor is an authentic artist of engineering who absolutely exceeds the expectations of any clients who work with him.