WEEK 1: Introduction to the Studio

  • Learn about the basics of sound including the human ear and speakers
  • Understand the importance of acoustics
  • Discover how studios are designed

WEEK 2: Microphones

  • Learn the history industry standard microphones (Dynamics, Condensers, Tube Mics)
  • Understand polar patterns and mic placement
  • Experience a hands-on micing of a live drum kit

WEEK 3: The Gear

  • Learn the in and outs of the SSL Console
  • Understand the mechanisms of Preamps, EQ’s, Compressors.
  • Get to know analog tape and signal flow

WEEK 4: ProTools - The Basics

  • Learn about Computer Hardware and its components
  • Become familiar with Pro Tools HD Hardware and Converters
  • Understand Pro Tools HD Software; I/O's, Peripherals and more.

WEEK 5: Pro Tools - In Use

  • Learn how to run a Pro Tools recording session 
  • Understand the importance of file organization
  • Learn how to get signal into a session

WEEK 6: Tracking Session - The Class

  • Begin to learn about pre-production and session prep
  • Understand how to set up for a live session
  • Run an actual a small session in Studio A

WEEK 7: Tracking Session - Practical

  • Prepare for a band to arrive at 10:00am for their session
  • Setup drums, mics and amps for the live band
  • Record an entire fully tracked/produced song

WEEK 8: Mixing Session - The Class

  • Learn how to edit a session
  • Understand hybrid workflow (analog/digital)
  • Become familiar with EQ, compression, and summing
  • Blend and complete a mix

WEEK 9: Mixing Session - Practical

  • Prepare for the mixing session at 12noon
  • Apply the mixing techniques from Week 8
  • Do a mix of the Week 7's live tracking session.

WEEK 10: The Final

  • Day starts at noon
  • Applying techniques from week 8
  •  do a mix of the week 7 live tracking session.


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