WEEK 1: The Aux Cord

  • Review the roles of the Audio Engineer
  • Establish individual student goals.
  • Install necessary software and plugins.

WEEK 2: The Tool

  • Learn the fundamentals of Pro Tools
  • Discover the power of plugins
  • In depth assertion of signal flow

WEEK 3: The Spectrum

  • Get to know the functions of our ears
  • Understand the different ranges of frequencies.
  • Analyze frequencies of various genres (mixing with a sick ear)

WEEK 4: The P.E.C.

  • Learn pre amplification, equalizing and compression.
  • Explore the guts of various gear.
  • Instill active listening.

WEEK 5: The Track Out

  • Combine multiple processors. (Analog and digital)
  • Create recording and mixing templates.
  • Learn “The Grid”


WEEK 6: The Vocalist

  • Recognize the traits of vocalist.
  • Assign the appropriate microphones for various vocalist.
  • First hand experience of conducting a session.

WEEK 7: The Instrument

  • Utilize microphones to record different instruments
  • Sequence drum patterns and instrumentation in Pro Tools
  • Customize your own sample packs

WEEK 8: Acoustic Day

  • Develop the ear to understand your room
  • Learn how to control the acoustics of your room
  • “Do it Yourself” your own acoustic panels

WEEK 9: The Sum

  • Understand the difference between analog and digital exports
  • Learn the final stages of compression
  • Enhance your ability to properly structure songs for mastering


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WEEK 10: The Session

  • You will prove your abilities to fully record and mix one song