Steven Gross is the one of our most genuine, down to earth assistant engineers that any client would be fortunate enough to record with. Steven's appreciation for organic music has helped him strive for capturing the natural, high quality human aspect of recording in every session he runs.

Steven's musical and educational background was as formal as it was inventive. Born and raised in St. Petersburg FL, Steven's interest in music started while tinkering around with a very basic recording program on Windows 98 to evolving to developing loops on his guitar pedal and eventually creating a full blown recording on GarageBand. Concurrently, Steven started a death metal band based out of St. Petersburg called Dysmorphia and played shows throughout the Tampa Bay area. Through trial and error, he quickly realized he was in need of a deeper understanding of how to effectively capture each instrument in a technical, methodical manner. Without pause, Steven enrolled in "The Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences" in Phoenix, AZ where he expanded his knowledge in sound engineering and audio recording. After graduating in 2014, Steven worked in Providence, Rhode Island, as a live sound engineer while also building audio gear like atari pocket consoles, microphones, distortion pedals, synthesizers with 8-bit sounds and even LEDs in his spare time. Making his way back to Florida, Steven became an intern at Clear Track Studios and quickly rose to an Assistant Engineer working with various clients on different sessions with great ease.

Steven's easygoing demeanor and freethinking musical creativity provides clients with not only a comfortable environment to create in but the most stellar recordings too. Specializing in everything from Death Metal, Hip Hop, to Acoustic, Steven puts great focus on capturing the nuances of each instrument and the human voice. Whether he is recording the vocals of smoky-voiced singers, producing the thirst-quenching drums encompassing the live room or enhancing screeching harmonies and guitar melodies in a metal track, Steven is an absolute maverick of recording techniques who will do whatever it takes to ensure the perfect session. His attentive care and inventive musical technique guarantees a great experience for any clients who work with him to capture their best sound.