All songwriting sessions are different and the flow of each session really depends on the genre. However, one thing always remains the same: our songwriters go above and beyond to develop and create a song to the exact specifications of what the artist wants. Some examples of process by genre is as follows:

Songwriting for Pop Music
The Pop Artist and Producer come together and discuss what the artist is looking to create. The Producer either begins to compose during the meeting or does so at a different time, sends the files to the artist for tweaks or revisions, and then prepares the track for vocals.

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Songwriting for Bands
The Band and Producer can either work on songwriting in a practice space prior to the recording session at the studio or the collaboration and songwriting can sometimes take place during a recording session. Whichever method is preferable for the band is possible for our songwriters.

Songwriting for Hip Hop Music
The Hip Hop Artist and Producer discuss the artists vision and examples of songs they would like to create. The producer creates a handful of beats to choose from, the artist selects certain songs that they want to own and the producer prepares the track to be recorded.