Skyler Young is one of our most driven, confident engineers that any artist would want recording their performance and enhancing their final production. Skyler's easy going personality, consistent workflow and deep-rooted diligence help him put focus from start to finish in every one of his sessions. 

Direct from Knoxville Tennessee, Skyler brings with him an ambitious background brimming with a formal education as well as years of engineering experience. Motivated by music created by influential moguls of hip hop - Kanye West, Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G), T.I. and The Weeknd - Skyler created his own home studio to record his friends at the ripe age of 15. Skyler's abilities soared as he developed his engineering skills recording his friends, mixing their tracks, and honing in on his own personalized techniques. In the years to follow, Skyler attended Johnson University double majoring in Bible Theology & Audio Production where he accelerated as one of their top students in the realm of recording techniques and principles with tracking and editing. Earning the highest accolades while in study and impressing all who worked with him, Skyler went on become an Engineer for a local studio in Knoxville called "The VoiceTank" to now an Assistant Engineer here at Clear Track working on numerous sessions and post-production projects.  

Skyler's confident persistence and methodical workflow are seen in every session he runs. Specializing in Hip Hop, Trap and R&B genres, Skyler utilizes his invaluable experience and knowledge to enhance his artists' sound by means of adding stellar accouterments like effects to vocals and beats as well as the creation of bridges. Whether he is tracking bouncy cadences with flashy rap refinery, mixing intricately sculpted skittery rhythms and dolorous beats, or producing a rapper slicing and dicing syllables with the impressive precision of a Benihana chef, Skyler knows how to make a song creatively happen. His relatable personality, valuable engineering abilities and 6 years of recording wisdom gives clients a one-up when working with Skyler.