Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers and producers are passionate about achieving the sound you want, in high-quality, to give you the best studio experience yet.  You’ll feel right at home in this world-class recording facility, a place where you can easily create at your best, while capturing your music in the highest quality.

We record any level of project in any genre, whether it’s a short vocal session or a fully produced commercial album, with the sound your music deserves.

We do it all!  Specializing in:

ANALOG DRUMS:  Analog is back! Get that warm, full, punchy sound of analog routed simultaneously into Pro-Tools in Studio A.

HIT-QUALITY VOCALS: Lay down vocals on the very best mics.  Studio A or Studio B are both excellent for vocals.

GRAND PIANO: Record on our beautiful Yamaha C6 Grand Piano in the Studio A live room.

LIVE INSTRUMENT TRACKING: Record separate tracks for a song or track an entire band live.

COMMERCIAL VOICE-OVERS: We help many voice actors and companies record high-quality voice-overs.

Secondary Services:

We can help with drum editing, re-amping, overdubs, MIDI, ADR, foley, audiobooks, video recording, etc.  We do NOT do any kind of tape or cassette transfers (we only put our own reels on our Studer), CD duplication services (recommend Discmakers) or on-site recording.


Our Wes Lachot designed Studio A captures and presents sound truthfully for excellent recordings, greatly reducing time spent mixing and mastering. We offer digital recording in Studio A and B via Pro Tools HD 10/11, as well as analog recording through a Studer 2-inch tape machine via CLASP for fast, easy digital editing in Pro Tools.  Eliminate every negative aspect of recording to analog tape but keep that warm, analog sound!  Studio A offers nothing less than world-class recording.


Studio B is not the typical “Pro Tools room”.  Record tracks through a modern analog console to get your music ‘out of the box’ so it doesn’t sound made in a box! Designed and built from the ground up for accurate, high-quality sound recording and stacked with custom-built gear, you won’t find studio foam on the walls or any off-the-shelf equipment.  A shrunken down version of our A room, studio B has become especially useful for independent artists and bands who are serious about taking their music to the next level.

Listen to audio samples from bands or songwriting projects.

Tell us about your project via a Project Quote form online, or just give us a call at 727-449-8888.

Both Studio A and Studio B are well-equipped for mixing, whether analog, digital, or a hybrid of both.  5.1 capability.

Need an amazing Pop/Rock mix?  The absolute best value for your mixing dollar is one day in studio A with Mike Johnson.

More about mixing: Mixing music professionally is a highly skilled art, and while the recording process is important, it’s the mixing engineer who adds the final touches to the artist’s vision. When you have all the separate tracks of the song recorded and would like a commercial release, professional mixing is necessary to blend the instruments together to achieve a good balance of your song elements and improve sound quality. A good mixing engineer can creatively control sound and uses his studio control room as his greatest tool when mixing.  The Studio A control room was designed to be one of the best mixing rooms on the East Coast.

Mastering is quoted per project.  Contact us to get a quote.

The enhancements of a professional master will polish your final mix and give it the impact and competitive edge needed for a commercial release. After the final mix is mastered, it will not only sound great in the studio, but in everyday listening environments.

We also offer radio-ready, professional mastering done by A-list engineers Shelly Yakus, Ari Blitz and team (credits include: Lady Gaga, U2, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper, Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Seger, Don Henley, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Tinie Tempah, Lazy Bone, Terry McDermott, Adam Lambert, Ray J, Michael Jackson, Diddy, Sting, Paula Abdul, Brian Adams, Janet Jackson, Donna Summer and Aerosmith…)

Rather unique about Clear Track is our focus in Music Production, Songwriting and Artist Development.  When an artist contacts us with a project in mind, or with nothing else but a desire to ‘make some music’, we invite them to meet at the studio and discuss their goals/project with producer and songwriter Anthony Little.

See how easy it can be to get started making music! Schedule your tour and meeting today.  See our Music Production page.

If you need a guitarist, drummer, bassist, etc, to play on your project, we have many talented session musicians, and even a session band, to help make it happen.  Piano, violin, flute, congas, vocals and world-class percussion–you name it, whatever the genre, we’ll help you get the sounds you need for your music. 

Besides having a friendly and helpful staff, and the best gear you can work with, the studios are located in a relaxed and quiet part of town, a perfect getaway from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of  NY and LA.  We welcome professional engineers, producers and artists to rent out the studios.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the studio and to help facilitate your project in any way. Be sure to check out the Engineers & Producers page for further info and specs on our studios.

From beginning to end, our team will make very sure you have excellent, efficient service and a smooth studio experience–which isn’t hard in our well-maintained, cutting edge facility.

Our chief engineer’s passion for the art of sound recording and mixing has led to the establishment of various types of training lessons and programs at the studios.

We offer Pro Tools and Logic lessons as well as intense, hands-on studio experience for aspiring engineers inside a real studio environment. Through our intense, hands-on studio training immersion, aspiring engineers are gaining real studio experience as a vital necessity for truly understanding the industry and making professional recordings.   Go to www.ArtofSoundRecording.com for more information.