Yes, in fact, over the past few years, Clear Track Studios has taken on a few of our most dedicated graduates as interns. Some have even worked their way up to paid freelance engineers! They showed up, and showed us they had what it takes.

Our programs give you a big advantage when it comes to entry-level positions in any level of music studio.  Truth is, passion, ability and real studio experience are at the top of a recording studios’ want list when searching for helping hands.  Studios want to know that you can be valuable INSIDE a studio– without them having to teach you everything.  Interns without real studio experience will clean, make coffee, and rarely (if ever) get to help on sessions before they are turned out the revolving door.  This industry is over-saturated with engineers and producers trying to “make it”, because, unfortunately, a degree does not mean real studio experience.  That harsh fact facing so many engineers is what we’re trying to help, by giving you a big advantage with this training.

Unless you’ve learned and trained inside a real, working studio, how do you have the real studio experience studios are searching for?  From our knowledge, and in all honesty, an internship won’t give you that either–not if you’re stuck cleaning and answering phones.  Don’t take that risk.  Get real studio experience! Then apply at a studio where your passion and value will have a much better chance at being recognized and put to use.

It’s a sad waste to have the passion for audio but not know how to use it effectively inside a studio. Or worse, thinking you have what it takes, and being turned away so many times that you lose confidence in yourself.  Yes, having the passion and a great attitude is important, but real studio experience is not only in demand, it will help you build an unshakable foundation for your career.  The combination can boost you up in one of the most rewarding yet toughest industries to break into.  Don’t let it break you first!