Mikei Gray

From "Mikei & the Thieves" band from Nashville, TN

"I've had the pleasure of recording in some amazingly beautiful studios, and I'm proud to say that Clear Track Studios is absolutely one of the best. Between the SSL console, the Studer tape machine, and the Clasp system, Clear Track has captured what I'm seriously considering one of the best drum sounds I have ever heard. The sound of the room, and their miking techniques are incredibly spot on. The staff is there for only one reason-they absolutely LOVE the music. Dave is a fantastic engineer, and Mike is quickly being accepted as a genius. There is nothing pretentious about Clear Track; you get what you pay for. A state of the art recording studio, with a great vibe, and great people. Don't waste your time trying to remix your old sessions, get in there and cut it the right way, I promise you won't regret it."