Nawlage, also known as Aki Espi, is a highly creditable producer in the world of Hip Hop & R&B and our esteemed lead instructor in "The Song Factory” here at Clear Track Studios. From starting out as a prominent recording artist and performer, Nawlage evolved into the studio life and has been vigorously and mightily producing music for almost two decades. His high standard of service, fast turnaround time and comprehensive understanding of the music business make him wildly popular in all of Boston, New York, Atlanta, Tampa and right here at Clear Track Studios.

Born in California but raised in Lawrence MA, a small city 45 minutes north of Boston, Nawlage brings with him an eclectic background and ample experience on stage and in studios. Fully immersed in music as a child, Nawlage grew up listening to his dad's collection of golden oldies and figured out how to duplicate sounds on his childhood karaoke machine. In his teens, he developed a dexterous rhyming ability and, while performing for local schools in the community, he began emulating beloved moguls of hip hop like Puff Daddy, Biggie, Jadakiss, The Lox, Jay Z, and Drake. Nawlage's magnetic personality and crisp storytelling helped him translate trends from the hip hop underground to the dancehall overground. Each show was a continuous magic act where his flow was swift, his verses clever, his hooks hefty. In the years following, Nawlage's career took him to cutting tracks with French Montana, Rick Ross, & Fuego, to being a hot topic with radio/youtube interviewer, Tim Westwood, to doing monstrous shows headlining performances all over North America. Concurrently, (with the help of his friends DJ Styles, Paranoya, Didz, Mic V, Yaks, Jay Walker, Cory Wires, Sparky, Clip, J Writes, Dutch Master, his sister Stefenivi & many more) Nawlage created, built and worked out of numerous studios, both portable and permanent, throughout the Northeast. In 2013, he teamed up with NdroiDBeats (Nick Cincotta, Rapta, Adam G & Vinyl Shotz) and has been producing on a professional level for thousands of artists since.

With an aptitude for eclectic, trendy sounds and priceless wisdom (which has been known to enhance many a career), Nawlage tag-teams with his producers at NdroiDBeats to program and develop music for artists of all levels. Nawlage's years of experience, insight in the industry and quickness in duplicating his clients' vision has secured his reputation for crafting immaculate Hip Hop & R&B productions for new and seasoned artists alike. Whether he is building a trap crowd-pleaser with witched-out 808s, or developing a pummeling dubstep sound with narcotic flourishes, or creating explosive soundscapes and long-matriculated vocal samples, Nawlage produces it with an impassioned brilliance; a testament to his veracity as one of the genre’s great sound architects. Beyond crafting frenetic beats and developing his artists beyond studio sessions, Nawlage is an ingenious music entrepreneur and a dedicated instructor teaching the in's and out's of beat making and music production. With his ambitious beat techniques, boundary-pushing methods and years of experience, Nawlage is truly a bold, bustling producer and instructor who continues to exceed the expectations of all who work with him.