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From basic melody to commercial performance…

Love to sing but need to create your own music? Do you already have songs written but need help recording them?  The team at Clear Track specializes in turning your creativity into a commercial performance!

Dance-pop, R&B or rock, we love helping bring your song to life.  We work with a variety of talented session musicians and vocalists, and won’t hesitate to bring them in for your project, including John Blackwell (former drummer for Prince), Eric Bice (drummer for Chevelle, Saliva), Jeff Berlin (legendary bassist), or vocals with Tillian Pearson, JP Corwyn, Goodnight Neverland, and session bands such as The Hip Abduction, Tides of Man, and many more professionals from violin to congas or world-class piano.



What’s behind a successful music career?

It all starts with music production. Our team feels that a good producer doesn’t try to change who the artist is, but understands their unique talent and so can bring out their best qualities in creating a commercial performance. With songwriting and good pre-production, a producer can help your project vision come to life in the studio. For commercial successes especially, this kind of preparation is more vital than you might realize! At Clear Track, we want emerging artist’s to sound as great as possible, thus expanding the potential for recognition and success.

What is a producer?

A producer understands the creative needs of the artist and helps oversee the songwriting, arranging and rehearsal process called pre-production, as well as managing the audio engineering, the artist’s performance, sound choices, editing, mixing and mastering. The producer keeps everything sounding as it should, by understanding what’s needed in the material and how to get it, thus allowing the artist to focus on performing, and the engineer on running the equipment. Many of our engineers can and do act as producers as needed while recording to enhance the overall product the artist or band is going for.

Hear what the role of a producer is from Spencer Bradham.

What is pre-production?

Pre-production is important, especially if you are aiming for commercial success. There’s nothing worse than starting to record and realizing you need to make a major change, then starting from scratch and having to lose precious recording time to fix it. After you describe what you’re looking to do, and you’ve met with a producer you’d like to work with, there’s a few ways to accomplish pre-production. It can be done in and/or out of the studio, and this can all be gone over with the producer to fit your project needs.

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Meet with a Producer

Our Music Production Team works with up-and-coming or already established artists alike. Specializing in pop, rock (hard rock, progressive, alt, indie), country, blues, jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, reggae, dance-pop, the team is skilled in most other genres. (Learn more about Spencer’s Team.)

If you need a guitarist, drummer, bassist, etc, to play on your project, we have talented session musicians who you’ll greatly enjoy working with. Piano, violin, flute, congas, vocals and world-class drums–you name it, whatever the genre, we’ll help you get the sounds you need for your music at a suitable rate.

When an artist contacts us with a project in mind, or with nothing else but a desire to ‘make some music’, we invite them to meet at the studio and discuss their goals/project with a producer. Meetings can be held at the studio or via Skype.

Call 727-449-8888 or email us at to schedule your tour of the studios and free project consultation.

You can also start by telling us what you’d like to do via our Online Quote Request form.


Award-winning producer Anthony Little with John Blackwell (former Prince drummer) for hit artist Consuelo Costin–congrats on hitting the Top 100 Billboard Dance Chart!

Tides of Man’s latest album Young And Courageous was produced and recorded at Clear Track by Spencer Bradham  –  Album review by Sputnik Music:

“But the most impressive element here isn’t any aspect of the composition – it’s the absolutely stellar production that compliments it. There are lots of silly arguments circulating against bands using crowdfunding to afford studio time, the main one being that music can be relatively cheaply produced in one’s home with results comparable to that of a professional studio. Young and Courageous is the greatest testament against that argument; everything here sounds extremely lush and vibrant, clear and defined; much more so than anything recorded in a basement or bedroom.”

“Working with Clear Track was such a joy. They really cared about us, and worked with us to make sure that we got a superior sound while we were in the studio. All the staff were so attentive, and personal with each of us, and we really felt right at home here. Now we have our best sounding record yet and we couldn’t be happier! We will definitely be back for the next record! Thank you so much to all the guys and gals at Clear Track! With out you we couldn’t have done it!”  Tides of Man

“Having Spencer as both a producer and a piano player on the Tides record was awesome! He brought so much life to the songs that we wouldn’t have thought of. He had such a fresh approach to our style of music, yet he really understood what we wanted the final product to sound like. He always pushed us to do better and try for perfection, and he never once got annoyed if we wanted to take some time to do a part or find a tone.”  — Spencer Gill, Guitarist & Songwriter for “Tides of Man”


Nick Dukas recorded his highly acclaimed CD, “One and Forever Love” here at Clear Track Studios, written by Nick DukasAnthony Little and Doug Shawe. Twenty top-flight musicians, such as keyboardist, percussionists and pianist Bobby G. Summers, provide the instrumentation for this album that is filled with magical moments that range from Nick’s singing to jazzy instrumentals.

Modern rock band Save The Radio worked with Spencer Bradham and Mike Johnson at Clear Track on their album Calculating The Sum Of Your Life.  Their New Single “Add It Up” was delivered to radio in January, 2014 and peaked at #37 in April on the Billboard Indicator Charts receiving airplay in over 25 markets.

“The tracks were above and beyond TazBull Records expectations. Our mastering engineer (Joe LaPorta, Sterling Sound) told me that your mix was very easy to master and commended your work. The band and label were impressed with the atmosphere and professionalism Clear Track presented to us throughout the entire process of tracking and mixing. GREAT WORK & HATS OFF to Mike Johnson! I appreciate what you did for us.

Best, Ricky Khoury, President/Founder TazBull Records”



“Working with Spencer is like working with the chillest guy ever! He makes you feel completely at ease while managing to get the best possible sound from you. Whether it’s vocals, guitar, jazz flute or whatever. He’ll coax the best possible sounds out. Spencer worked on both of our albums and he played key parts in writing, engineering and producing. He helped us come up with catchy melodies while also getting the exact sound we wanted from the guitars. Without Spencer, we could not have made the albums we have today. We loved working with Spence and can’t wait to work with him again!”  — Sofia Sweet, Singer & Songwriter for “Kodiac”

“My session was great. Spencer is one of the best producers I’ve worked with. Clear Track is awesome! If you want the best quality sound and a producer that helps you to be the best artist you can be, then make a decision right now to go to Clear Track!!” – Kim “Kandy Reign” Brown

“My son Justin came in to hopefully get the feeling of what it was like to work in a studio.  The care and attention he received was beyond his hopes. I can only say that the creative care and attention given and shown Justin was more than a great experience.  I would highly recommend the staff of Clear Track Studios to anyone who has a passion for recording their music.”  – Ron Katz

“Fantastic!! Wonderful studio so amazing to record here. Will be back soon!”  – Consuelo Costin

“Working with Mike & Spencer was hands down our best recording experience…ever… We originally chose the studio based on its gear and the ability to record reel to reel.  What we didn’t expect was such a knowledgeable & instinctive staff that understood where we wanted to go with out music project.  We have already made plans and reservations to return for our next song project.” – Shawn Scheller/Save the Radio

“My experience at Clear Track Studios has been outstanding! Everyone is so nice and unbelievably talented. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to work with this studio.” – Mackenzie Daigle

“I loved the fact that everyone here was so nice and kept me happy the entire time. I loved the experience being in studio A. Thank you for helping me so much. You guys set a standard to anywhere else I go.”  – Jaycee

“The creative writing and composing, the production, the engineering was just seamless. We produced a beautiful project. I came with a limited budget and seven or eight songs that I had worked the foundations through on my iPhone. The team here pulled it off; we finished developing the concepts, writing the music, all background instruments, the sax, all within the studio and within six blocks of it at the rehearsal space. It’s all there now. It can be done! Proof is the link to the iTunes!” – Earl Brown / Prophetic Sax Gifts

“I wanted to take this time to discuss our experience with Clear Track Studios. Thank you for allowing our artist the great opportunity to create this project with your team.  We appreciate all of the professionalism and assistance that your team provided and look forward to working with you soon. Thank you very much to you and your team.” – Isaac Thomas

“Dear Clear Track,

I just want to personally thank each and everyone of you for making my visit, my experience at the Clear Track recording studio absolutely awesome. The day started with a really friendly greeting from Mike and he showed me around the entire studio. After that I met Spencer the person I would be working with all day.

Spencer was absolutely incredible. I cannot think of one person or even imagine a person who fits the role of producer, recording tech, etc, better than Spencer. It takes a lot to be able to make someone calm, comfortable and happy on such a big day in their lives, and Spencer is the guy to make sure of that. He was very patient, very understanding and the vibe that he gives off while recording is one of dedication, respect, and he’s always happy it seems lol..

After hours of recording we went into Studio A where I got to see all of the AMAZING equipment and we met Greg. He was friendly and awesome, but what really stood out is how quickly “into” my music he got. He respected my music while critiquing it, and it all ended up better than I could have imagined thanks to his good ear for final mixing. He had a time crunch and really kicked a** to make it.

As I listen to this CD and e-mail you, I just want to extend a big THANK YOU to the staff there at Clear Track and express just how thankful I am that I had the team I did behind my music. Everyone here on the East coast loves the 4 track CD. I should be back to recording again within a month or two and there’s no other place I would go.

Thank again,
Sam Tyler”

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