Guiding your music in the right direction

When an artist is seeking assistance in the overall creation of their sound, we offer the guidance of one of our highly skilled producers. Our producers work closely with their clients to take what they are aiming for and actualize their musical goal. Whether it be the performance, pitch, tone of each instrument, or emotion of the song, our producers can enhance every performance via their extensive knowledge on equipment and music theory while also possessing the people skills to push and squeeze every ounce of greatness out of each performer and production personnel.


Our two main producers at Clear Track are Spencer Bradham and Alex Romero. Spencer specializes in producing bands of all genres, pop artists, acoustic instrumentalists and much more. Alex specializes in producing R&B and Hip Hop artists and much more. 


Beyond the fundamentals of production, producers are almost always musicians themselves. Our producers, in particular, are well-rounded in the realms of songwriting, composing, and programming, so more often than not, our producers often assist the artist with by enhancing songs with brilliant arrangements, invigorating and re-focusing artists on their core strengths and transforming sounds with enthusiastic engineering techniques.