Jon Hill is the most energetic, versatile drummer that any artist would be excited to record with. As a passionately dedicated session percussionist for several of Clear Track’s clients, Jon's wildly hypnotic beats, sophisticated fills, and inventive approach to percussion are just the touches that heighten the emotional impact for every listener.

Born in Houston Texas, Jon's playing abilities pay tribute to his youthful affinity for numerous Alternative Rock/Pop/Punk and Emo bands such as Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Radiohead, and many more. Rendering those influences into his drumming style, Jon developed his own personal ricocheting rhythms which are perfectly showcased in his band performances, his YouTube drum covers and studio session work. It is here you can witness Jon cooly perform his propulsive beats with a hardcore endurance and adaptable style that conveniently eludes to his authentic percussive expertise. Exemplifying the art of drummerly showmanship with his propelling, maddening hair and his sticks striking each drum with balletic grace, Jon dexterously puts his own unique fingerprint on every song he plays on.

In all of his recording ventures at Clear Track Studios, Jon is a locomotive powerhouse summoning his exuberant tempos song after song for numerous clients. His consistent, stylistic sophistication behind a kit showcases his ability to play tight and often fiendishly syncopated grooves with fierce energy, tricked-out textures and perplexing time signatures no matter the style. Whether the clients sound requires funky kick drum fills or cascading indie-punk toms or elaborate percussive accoutrements, Jon can do it with infectious kinetic energy. An accumulation of high-powered vigor, unending discipline and 15 years of percussion experience makes Jon a rhythmic force of nature who performs fiercely and records with passion for each and every client.