Audio Engineer Bootcamp is a One-On-One Audio Engineer course designed to teach anyone (beginner or intermediate) how to to develop and fine tune their skills in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic Music. Under the guidance of our industry experienced instructors, Alex Romero & Victor Abreu, students learn how to competently work in all of today’s professional audio recording environments – from high tech home studios to professional recording facilities. Our instructors' practical, hands-on method allows students to develop an efficient workflow in Pro Tools and on professional-level consoles and recording equipment. At the end of this 5-week course, students will have the necessary tools and sophisticated technical and organizational skills to successfully run a session from start to finish!


• How to understand and utilize the in's and out's of Pro Tools

• How to develop your ear and workflow behind the console

• Discover the power of plugins and understand signal flow

• How to effectively mic up vocalists & instrumentalists

• How to proficiently run a session at a professional level

• How to mix and master your final tracks