Erik Mason of NdroiDBeats is the one of the fastest, most precise beat makers in the realm of Hip Hop & R&B and also one of our committed instructors in "The Song Factory” here at Clear Track Studios. In his own creatively brilliant method of programming complex sounds and percussive rhythms, Erik is one of the key team players who reliably produces song after catchy song, like a golden goose. Erik’s expert composing abilities, quick but precise creation of music and his genuine care to develop the highest quality sound for every client make him a beatmaking force of nature for all artists who work with and learn from him.

Direct from Maine, Erik’s upbringing had him immersed in the world of stage and theatre performing. But by age 13, his true aesthetic interests evolved into a natural affinity for the dubby 808s and vocal samples of hip hop. Around the age of 15, Erik began dabbling in beat making and has grown both his abilities and catalog in well over a decade. While gaining priceless experience and learning game-changing tricks along the way, both fate and enterprise brought Erik to Atlanta where he has established himself as an impressive "beatsmith" notorious for emulating any style he finds fascinating. Alongside Nawlage, Erik works remotely inventing clever new ways to masterfully blend style and experimentation while animating song after song for Clear Track Hip Hop & R&B artists. 

With his profound songwriting aptitude and generous experience as a producer, Erik truly provides the perfect blend of the creation and performance of any song. Known for delivering skittery rhythms and bare-knuckle beats in a vast number of his compositions, Erik's astounding final productions expand any clients’ musical goal. Whether he is developing intricately sculpted synthesized motifs with goosebump-inducing baselines, creating soaring choruses for hydraulic-equipped beats, or rebuilding charismatic R&B melodies with all sorts of treasures buried in the tracks, Erik knows how to make a song happen with his reputed no-compromise approach. Erik's relatable personality, valuable production abilities and years of composing wisdom gives clients and students a distinct advantage in the music industry.