• Solid State Logic 8000G+ 56 Channels,
    32 E-eq, 24 G-eq, Ultimation and Total Recall

    Dramastic Obsidian Bus Compressor

    Solid State Logic - Matrix Console

    SSL G Series Bus Compressor

    Studer A827 2″ 24-Track Tape Machine
    Endless Analog CLASP
    Pro Tools HD 10/11 w/UAD-2 – 48 Analog I/O
    Pro Tools HD 10/11 w/UAD-2 – 32 Analog I/O
    Pro Tools HD 10/11 – 8 Analog I/O

    Neve1073 (4)
    Neve1081 (4)
    BAE 1023 (2)
    Calrec PQ1161 (4)
    API 3124+ (4 preamps)
    BAE API (2)
    API 550a EQ (2)
    API 560 graphic EQ (2)
    A-Design HAMMER HM2EQ
    Manley Massive Passive
    Pultec EQP-1S3 (2)

    Anamod AM660
    Anamod AM670
    API 2500 Bus Compressor
    Dramastic Obsidian Bus Compressor
    SSL G Quad Compressor
    Manley Vari-Mu
    Purple Audio MC77 (2)
    1176 Rev. A, Handbuilt (2)
    LA2A (2)
    Empirical Labs DerrEsser
    Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor (2)
    Black Lion Audio AGB Stereo Compressor

    AMS Neve DMX 15-80S Delay
    Bricasti M7 Reverb
    Lexicon PCM96
    Lexicon 224 XL
    Lexicon PCM42 (2)
    Lexicon PCM70
    Eventide Eclipse 3
    Eventide H3000 D/SE
    TC Electronics 2290 (2)

    Studio A Control Room Monitors:
    Dynaudio M3A Mains w/Custom X-overs
    and Bryston 14B and 4B Amplifiers
    PMC AB2 w/Bryston 3B Amp
    Yamaha NS10m w/ Bryston 4B amp
    Focal Solo6 BE Nearfield Monitors
    Equator D8 Active Monitors
    various mini speakers…

    Studio A Live Room Monitoring:
    Hear Technologies Hearback System
    Event 20/20 Nearfields (for listen-back from control room)

  • Neumann U47 (m7 capsule)
    Neumann U67
    Peluso P12 (x2, matched pair)

    Neumann U87 (x2, matched pair)
    Neumann KM184 (x2, matched pair)
    Neumann U47 FET (Lawson)
    AKG 414 (x2, matched pair)
    AKG 451 (x2, matched pair)
    CAD M179 (2)
    DBX RTA Mic
    Rupert Neve RNR1
    MXL R-77-L (2)
    Shure SM81 (x2, matched pair)

    AKG D12
    AKG D112
    Audix D6
    Audix i5
    Beyerdynamic M160
    Beyerdynamic M201
    EV RE20
    Sennheiser MD421 (3)
    Shure Beta52
    Shure SM7
    Shure SM57 (7)
    Shure SM91
    Yamaha SubKick

    Yamaha C6 Grand Piano (6 ‘ 11″)
    Pearl Session Custom All Maple Kit
    Sonor All Birch Kit
    Mapex 16″x 20″ Orion Maple/Walnut Kick
    Ludwig 16″ x 24″ Vistalite Kick
    Over 10 Snares of different types (Classics such as Black Beauty, Bell Brass, etc...)

    Guitars/Basses: Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Taylor
    Fender Twin Vintage
    Vox AC30
    Marshall JCM 800 w/ 1960 4×12
    Mesa Boogie Mark IV
    Peavey 5150 combo
    SWR SM900 full stack
    Marshall Zak Wylde Mini Stack
    Crate Vintage Club 30
    Various guitars and effects.
    and more…

    Line6 Pod Pro
    Line6 Bass Pod Pro
    Tech21 Sans Amp PSA-1
    Rocktron Phantom Cab Speaker Simulator
    Roland XV-5080 (with 8 expansion cards)
    Korg Triton Extreme 88 keys
    Alesis DM5 Trigger to Midi Unit

See studio A’s Control Room