David Steren is the one of our most determined and resourceful assistant engineers in our production team at Clear Track. David's upbeat personality and overall commitment are experienced in every session with clients and can be heard through every edit, recording and mix he is apart of.  

Direct from Maryland, David grew up listening to classic rock, yet wanted to create music without being restricted to a band. In fact, during a music festival in 2010 called "Starscape," David became fascinated by the technical aspect and the creation of sounds that never previously existed. Practically overnight, David's love of EDM soared and he did anything and everything he could to immerse himself in learning how to produce and perform originals and non-original electronic songs. Excelling as a DJ performing at festivals, residences in St. Pete, bars and local clubs while also fervently learning about mixing, signal flow and recording under Mike Johnson, David quickly became an intern at Clear Track Studios and evolved into an Assistant Engineer working in various sessions.

With his clever recording aptitude and priceless experience as both an audio engineer and a DJ, David provides exceptional guidance for both recording artists and performing artists alike. Being in the heart of all things EDM, David's deep-seated passion and inherent genius crowns him as one of our virtuosos in the hype-fueled, glowstick-twirling genre. Whether he is building extraterrestrial synths with great pop vocal hook, shaping 808-heavy soundscapes of traditional trap or magnifying a scintillating dance-pop banger, David is striving for perfection with every turn of the knob. His intense devotion and animated energy give life to his clients and ensures a great session every time.