Christine is a strikingly skillful songwriter, highly notable producer and one of our devoted instructors in "The Song Factory” here at Clear Track Studios. With her own prolific formula for crafting sophisticated song arrangements and spacious soundscapes, Christine has been effectively writing and producing music for just under a decade. Her firsthand experience in the music industry, genuine approach to production, and overall commitment is seen and experienced with all artists she produces and students she mentors.

Born & raised in Toronto, Christine cultivated her musicality by writing songs and studying piano and voice throughout her childhood. By her teens, Christine took her songwriting further by purchasing her first recording set up where she learned how to take her ideas and sculpt them into methodical music arrangements. Composing all styles and genres of her choosing, Christine pulled from her musical influences like the soulful Motown sounds of Aretha Franklin & Etta James to the 60s folk music of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen all the way to various sounds of Pop, Indie, Emo, Hip Hop, and EDM of the 90s and 2000s. After graduating with honors with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts Music from York University and learning the ropes as a live performer in numerous open mic gigs in Nashville, Christine found her niche as a full-time writer under a signed producer in Toronto. It was in this creative endeavor, her writing speed and proficiency to create new songs on various topics accelerated. Christine's career took her to working with Kim Davis, Yo Gotti and P Reign and continuing on to pursue her own music as a solo artist. 

Christine's songwriting versatility and composing mastery is seen at the forefront of all productions she's a part of. Known for spotting trends before they become mainstream as well as the ability to reconstruct an artists ideas into the perfect song, Christine's final productions are overflowing with fresh content and endless creativity. Whether sculpting multi-track vocal arrangements with infectious Beyonce riffs, or developing twinkling club arpeggios in shimmering heartbreaker pop ballads, or coming up with hook-filled, soul-influenced plush productions, Christine can do it all with an amiable finesse. Her genuine demeanor, ambitious songwriting techniques, contemporary style and years of experience empowers artists and students alike throughout North America and right here at Clear Track Studios.