We offer two different Audio Engineer Programs that train beginners or intermediate engineers in the same, professional studios used by our clients at Clear Track. In our programs, students develop a competitive edge and advance to a qualified level while receiving the highest caliber of audio production education available. With our professional, yet informal setting, our students utilize Clear Track’s recording studios as "perfectly equipped classrooms" for workshops, lectures and practical application taught by experienced audio engineers who work regularly with world-renowned artists. Hands-on training is a vital component to anyone's success, so we make sure that each student receives ample time behind professional-level consoles and recording equipment, honing their skills.

We invite you to join this elite club by choosing a course that teaches exactly what you're looking to learn:

"The Art of Sound Recording" Audio Engineer Course lets beginners or intermediate engineers discover the skills they need in the world of Rock, Indie, Jazz, and any type of big production. You will learn:

  • How to utilize the same gear used in most major studios

  • How to understand and use all of the hardware and software in a session

  • How to effectively run a full recording session with an actual band who comes in to record

  • How to mix and master your final tracks



"Audio Engineer Bootcamp" Audio Engineer Course lets aspiring or intermediate engineers and producers develop and fine tune their skills in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic Music. You will learn:

  • How to accurately run a session to the level of the pros  

  • How to develop your ear and overall workflow in Pro Tools and behind the console

  • How to know the proper way to save, transfer, import and send a session files

  • How to mix and master your final tracks