Aaron Sauer, known as “Abel” or his trademark name “AbelMixedIt," is one of the sharpest, most ambitious audio engineers in the world of Hip Hop & R&B. Abel’s infectious charisma, notable drive and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the music industry make him wildly popular in all of Tampa and with our clients here at Clear Track Studios.

Direct from Florida, Abel brings with him a diverse background and years of experience in both the performance and recording side of music. At the ripe age of 8 years old, Abel developed a dexterous rhyming ability and began emulating beloved moguls of hip hop like Tupac, Biggie, and Eminem. It wasn't long before Abel started learning how to record himself, even creating youtube videos to afford equipment! In his teens, he became known for his gutsy punchlines, aggressive metaphors and crisp storytelling as he climbed the ladder in the hip hop underground world of battle rapping. Concurrently, Abel streamlined skills as an audio engineer and his own personalized sound and skill behind a console. Just like any impassioned frontrunner in the industry, Abel explored his opportunities and made quite a name for himself as both "swift and accurate" at numerous recording facilities. In the years following, Abel's career took him to cutting tracks and/or mixing music for Kevin McCall, 2Pistols, Boyz II Men, Gucci Mane, Kerry Hilson, Zoey Dollaz, and Fat Joe to name a few. Evolving into one of the most in-demand engineers in Tampa Bay, Aaron found his home at Clear Track where he continues to exceed the very framework of which hip hop was built.

With an aptitude for dubby, indelible hooks and smooth high end airy vocals, Abel has been known to take any simple song and craft it into a sonically dynamic Hip Hop prodigy. Abel's years of experience, insight in the industry and quickness in duplicating his clients' vision has secured his reputation for mixing immaculate Hip Hop & R&B productions for new and seasoned artists alike. Whether he is tracking a a melodic rap crowd-pleaser with cogent punchlines, or mixing a pummeling trap track with earth-shaking 808s, or enhancing explosive textural details with walloping tech-house basslines, Abel pushes the boundaries with cleverness and dexterity; a testament to his expansive perspicacity and drive. With his blend of ambitious mixing techniques, boundary-pushing approach and a decade of experience, Abel is quite an up-and-coming engineer who is ushering in a new sound and movement in world of Hip Hop & R&B.